Staff & Organizational Chart

Brendan Tydings, Administrator
Jackie Flanagan, Office Manager
Vladimir Overchenko
Hank Mullen
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Board of Directors

Board members serve on a volunteer basis and are appointed by their county.
Members of the Board of Directors
Dave Martin, Chairman
Daniel Kingston, Vice-Chairman
Jessica Holloway, Secretary
Richard Schilling, Treasurer
Jack Moore, Asst. Treasurer

Commissioner of Ag & Markets
Liam Coyne
Jessica Holloway
Daniel Kingston
Mark Lagoner
David Martin
Lyle Merle
Mike Mele
John Meyer
Jack Moore
Scott Osborn
Richard Schilling
Stephen Starowitz
Richard Vercruysse
Joshua Watkins
Committees of the Board of Directors 

Audit:  Mark Lagoner, Richard Vercruysse

Allied Industry:  Jack Moore, Scott Osborn

Ethics:  Jack Moore, Chairman, Daniel Kingston, Stephen Starowitz

Executive:  Richard Schilling, Chair, Dave Martin, Vice-Chair, Commissioner of Ag & Markets, Jessica Holloway, Daniel Kingston, John Meyer, Jack Moore

Finance:  Daniel Kingston, Dept. of Agriculture & Markets

Personnel:  Mark Lagoner, Dave Martin, Jack Moore, Richard Vercruysse