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Date:  May 30, 2013

4:00 PM


1.     Chairman Piedimonte called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM and then vacated the chair. Jack Moore took the chair and read the names of the officers for 2013-2014.

The slate of officers was moved by Jack Moore and seconded by Ed Hansen. Passed unanimously.


Kathy Burke, CPA Supervisor at EFPRotenberg, reviewed the annual report. She indicated cash surplus on 3/31/13 was approximately $1.5 million. Audit went well and the Authority remains in excellent fiscal health.


2.     Members present:  Deputy Commissioner Phil Giltner, Jim Bourgoine, Ed Hansen, Dan Kingston, Mark Lagoner, Dave Martin, Lyle Merle, Jack Moore, John Meyer, Dennis Piedimonte,  Rich Vercruysse, Richard Schilling, Gert Watkins  Members absent:  Anthony Sacheli

          Others present:  Rob Daitz, CPA; Jerry Mackey, Esq.; Steve McGrattan, Susan Rosenthal, Esq.; Josh Watkins  and Bill Mulligan, Jr.


3.     Minutes of the April 2, 2013 meeting were approved. Moved by J. Moore, seconded by E. Hansen. Passed unanimously.


4.     Reports of officers, committees and staff:

·       G. Watkins- Audit report – Check # 6696 – 6824 totaling $317,005.14. Moved by R. Schilling, seconded by E. Hansen. Passed unanimously.

·       B. Mulligan, Jr. – reviewed Administrator’s report


5.     Unfinished Business

·       Cornell Tech Farm – Viticulture building pushed back to 2014

·       Prevailing wage – J. Mackey, Esq. indicated the possibility of winning the suit is 50 -50

·       Discussed 2012-2013 grants

·       Application process for grants put on reserve until Board members review the proposal

·       Options for Jefferson Associates and Jefferson/Henrietta Associates on reserve. Administrator meeting with the August family

·       Approved amended and restated lease with Getinge. Moved by J. Moore, seconded by G. Watkins. Passed unanimously. Administrator and Market attorney meeting with Getinge about sale of the property.


6.     New Business

·       Appointed EFPRotenberg, LLP as auditor and Rob Daitz, CPA as consultant. Moved by E. Hansen, seconded by R. Schilling. Passed unanimously.

·       Discussed 2013-2014 appropriations – Short term goals:  $325,000 and long term goals:  $800,000. Moved by D. Kingston, seconded by R. Schilling. Passed unanimously.

·       Discussed renting land to Crown Castle. Administrator to negotiate – pursue 1/3 of revenue with escalation

·       Discussed renting space for ATM. Moved by R. Schilling, seconded by R. Vercruysse. Passed unanimously.

·       Awarded 30,000 sq ft of blacktop for Scottsville Rd. to All County Construction @ $1.575/sq ft. Other bidders were:  Cardwell Construction @ $1.73/sq ft and Gonyo Construction @ $2.05/sq ft. Moved by E. Hansen, seconded by J. Bougoine. Passed unanimously.

·       Awarded 100,000 sq ft of black top sealing to Champion Asphalt Maintenance @ $.055/sq ft. Other bidders were:  Cardwell Construction @ .65/sq ft, Pro-Coat Paving & Construction @ $.088/sq ft and Upstate Asphalt Maintenance @ .11/sq ft. Moved by R. Schilling , seconded by D. Kingston. Passed unanimously.



Next meeting date: Tentatively Thurs., 8/22/13 @ 4:30 PM


Respectfully submitted,


William J. Mulligan, Jr.